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Welly Filter

Clean water, naturally.

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The world’s most sustainable filter

Our bamboo filters are crafted through a Japanese process that is equal parts high-science and storied tradition. Our sustainably harvested bamboo is grown in the Fujian Forest in southeastern China. After a minimum of five years of growth, the bamboo stalk is harvested and baked in a specialized kiln for 25 days.

Welly Bottle

How it works

Now carbonized, the bamboo is then left to dry for multiple days, which allows sunlight to open millions of natural pores in the bamboo. These pores allow water to pass through the filter, while the filter material naturally absorbs chemicals, odors and contaminants.

The bamboo is then washed and sent to our headquarters, where it is carefully reviewed to meet Welly's quality assurance and design specifications.

Clean water on the go

The end result is a filter that naturally absorbs chlorine, taste, odor and heavy metals like lead out of your tap water. It also releases healthy minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium. You’ll notice that your tap water tastes and smells crisp, bright and refreshing.

How to Filter

Remove bottle lid and infuser

Add bamboo filter and tap water

Replace infuser and drink!

** Do not use filter with anything but potable tap water. Optimal filter time is up to 1 hour.


After 4 weeks of use you can sterilize and recharge your filter by boiling it in water for 10 minutes and letting it dry (preferably in sunlight) for another 10-15 minutes. This will remove any contaminants stuck in the filter, re-open the pores of the bamboo and expand the life of your filter by another 4 weeks!


Since our filters are 100% natural, it can be recycled back into the ecosystem. Simply crush it up and sprinkle the granules in your houseplants or garden soil. You can also use the filter as a deodorizer in your fridge, gym bag or anything smelly!


Our subscription program makes replacing your filter easy, convenient and cost-effective. Sign up here and we’ll send you a new filter every 2 months.