New Year, New Intentions

Tess De Paula

This year, our team is focused on intentions rather than resolutions.

While it may seem like a simple word choice, there's a big difference between them. Resolutions focus on results, an end outcome, and lend themselves to black and white thinking (if I don't exercise everyday without fail then I've blown the whole thing and might as well quit).

Intentions instead focus on the journey, not just a specific outcome, with the opportunity for mindful practice and gentle redirection if we go astray.

In 2021 we've committed to two intentions: drink more water and move more, daily. To help foster both, we're offering our community 30 days of exclusive access to NEOU's workouts and wellness content with Welly purchases made 1/11 through 1/25.

Here are our team's picks to starting your new year in motion:


Ben, Founder and CEO: Alchemy 365 hybrid workouts, to make the most of my kids' naptimes



Tess, Marketing: Serenity Sessions, for an easy daily dose of mindfulness



Jacob, Operations: Run Club, to safely ease back into a running routine


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According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a warm-up is defined as “preparatory activities and functionally based movements that are specifically designed to prepare the body for exercise or sport”. Designing an adequate warmup is usually dependent on the athlete’s needs, goals, and abilities.¹ The goal is to mentally and physically prepare the athlete for a training session or competition; while reducing the risk of injury. Benefits of a well designed warm-up are as follows:² Psychological readiness and preparation Increased blood flow to active muscles Increased strength and power output Improved joint range of motion Increased core temperature Enhanced oxygen delivery Faster muscle contraction and relaxation There are many warm-up procedures that a coach or athlete may implement into their training routine. Learning about the advantages of different procedures is crucial to building an effective warm-up specific to yourself or another individual. This article will discuss traditional procedures like static and dynamic stretching; as well as some newer modalities aiding in the speed and effectiveness of a warmup.

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Removable infuser to brew tea or naturally flavor water with fruit

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