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mint green welly logo with water droplet next to y

This year, our team is focused on intentions rather than resolutions.

While it may seem like a simple word choice, there's a big difference between them. Resolutions focus on results, an end outcome, and lend themselves to black and white thinking (if I don't exercise everyday without fail then I've blown the whole thing and might as well quit).

Intentions instead focus on the journey, not just a specific outcome, with the opportunity for mindful practice and gentle redirection if we go astray.

In 2021 we've committed to two intentions: drink more water and move more, daily. To help foster both, we're offering our community 30 days of exclusive access to NEOU's workouts and wellness content with Welly purchases made 1/11 through 1/25.

Here are our team's picks to starting your new year in motion:

Ben, Founder and CEO: Alchemy 365 hybrid workouts, to make the most of my kids' naptimes


Tess, Marketing: Serenity Sessions, for an easy daily dose of mindfulness


Jacob, Operations: Run Club, to safely ease back into a running routine



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