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With your help, we will supply 500 people with clean water with a new school piped system in Southern Bangladesh, together with charity: water and their field partner BRAC.



Bangladesh faces both water access and water quality challenges. The rural population primarily relies on groundwater, much of which has a high risk of contamination from arsenic, iron, and salinity if not accessed and treated effectively.

The summer monsoon season also brings flooding to the areas we support through BRAC, while the dry season brings widespread water scarcity and drought.


BRAC was founded in Bangladesh in 1972 to provide relief following Bangladesh’s war for independence. It has since evolved into the largest non-governmental organization in the world. They focus on alleviating poverty and empowering the poor, including addressing the water crisis in Bangladesh.

Within BRAC’s program, schools are equipped with piped water systems that bring water to drinking water stations that double as handwashing stations. Hygiene messages are painted on the walls and all staff, children, parents and community members associated with the school receive comprehensive hygiene and sanitation education.


Clean water is pumped through a supply line to a storage tank. From the storage tank, water flows through a network of pipes to gender-separated tap stands that are used as both drinking water stations and handwashing stations. Because the water is piped directly to the school, piped systems can significantly reduce the time spent collecting water.

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