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Our Story

The motivation that started it all.


I had just turned 22 when my mom, Ellen (affectionately called Elly by my Dad), passed away after a courageous battle with liver cancer. It was June 2012 and I had spent a year learning and witnessing firsthand about the impact of toxins and chemicals in both the body and the environment.

I wanted to do something meaningful about it.

Not only was I inspired by Mom’s tenacity while facing death, but also by her remarkable life. Through her passionate commitment to philanthropy, cultivating young artists and entrepreneurs, and her love of life she uplifted her community in ways that continue to inspire me and so many others.

It is out of this amazing imprint she left on me, that the Welly Company was born. The Welly Company is a value system more than it is a business - one that embodies quality, resourcefulness, wellness and social responsibility, just as my Mom did. I decided to address health where it begins: with the water that sustains our lives.

So I developed an insulated and infusing, bamboo water bottle.

This 18 oz. insulated bottle is made with natural, renewable resources including bamboo for its shell and filter. A single filter replaces the equivalent of 300 disposable plastic bottles, saving you money and helping the environment by reducing plastic waste.

And by buying a Welly bottle, you support charity: water, an organization that is saving lives through clean water and sanitation projects in developing countries.

Welly is about being a source of wellness for people all over the world. Welly also recalls my dear Mom, Elly, who would join me in this cause if she still could.

Welly is for her and Welly is for all.

With sincerity and determination,

Ben Kander

Ben Kander,

Founder & CEO,